Welcome to The Classic Horse Equestrian Jewelry Collection!

As you can see with these fantastic pieces, a new breed has arrived!

Created by Zorka Pondell in 2007, her challenge as a designer is to create beautiful equestrian jewelry with classic lines, detail in craftsmanship, & simple elegance.  Today’s jewelry should make a statement while also being very wearable. Our pieces easily transition from the stable to the table.

We believe that classics are instant, and we all know one when we see one. We hope you enjoy our classic yet distinctive designs and that you will appreciate them for the same reasons we do.
Thank you for visiting The Classic Horse Equestrian Jewelry Collection.

*All pieces are made by hand to order, unless the item is in stock. Please allow 4-8 weeks for delivery. We will make every effort to expedite your order if possible, especially during the holidays. Contact us with questions or requests.