Wave Of Success

The Story of the Wave

The Wave of Success TM suite of jewelry was designed with perfection in mind...
all elements, lines, spacing and curves in proper balance. The polished surfaces
 reflect light; the simplicity is pure elegance. The
Wave of Success ® is available as
a pendant, pin, ring or earrings. The design also lends itself to beautiful cufflinks.
It can be cast in gold, white gold and silver.

This suite of jewelry is attractive to women of all ages, from teen and young women
to grandmothers. The piece transitions beautifully from daytime to evening because
its clean, uncomplicated lines are classic, not trendy.

The pieces are named Wave of Success ® for their resemblance to a
wave on the ocean as well as what a wave can represent - momentum, strength,
 and translated to the human experience, confidence.

For Zorka, the design of the Wave of Success ® represents her family's immigration
to the United States, overcoming the obstacles of cultural differences and language barriers.
They arrived with hopes and dreams, they endured hardships, but ultimately,
rode the
Wave of Success ®.